Thursday, November 22, 2007

First Post

I have no idea what I am doing! My youngest son and his beautiful wife are bloggers. They convinced my daughter to establish a blog. I think my oldest son has a blog. I am pretty sure my wife doesn't have a blog but who knows?

I bet "The Shadow" knows.

In any event, it seems like this might be a fun thing to do -- AND -- Since they have gotten me into the world of texting, I might as well explore the world of blogging. I think this technology may be useful to me and the Council On Aging of Elkhart County, Inc. (Indiana) where I am the Executive Director. So, in order to figure this whole thing out and get started, here goes my adventure into the world of blogging.

Obviously this thing doesn't have spell check because as I reviewed what I just wrote, I see where old (literally and mentally) fat fingers blew a couple of words. If you see others, please forgive this aging relic of a person.

I sure hope no analyst reads this stuff -- they may think I have some phobia with the whole (half or any portion thereof) idea of aging -- which is not true! I mean after all, no one is going to get out of this world alive! There was only one person who did that but then he created the world so for him it was no big thing but for the rest of us, I don't believe it is going to happen!

Oh well, it is time for me to stop rambling and see what kind of trouble I've gotten myself into. Until the next time, "take care and God bless!

Love to all, Trebor Siwel

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