Thursday, July 31, 2008


People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough.
Give the world the best you've got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God;
It was never between you and them anyway.

Source: Howard W Buchanon II -- Sunday, October 28, 2001 @ 11:52 AM

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If Tomorrow Never Comes

If I knew this would be the last opportunity we’d have to spend time together,
I’d be there to share your day, but
I'm sure we'll have more opportunities
so I’ll just let this one slip away.

For there's always tomorrow to make up for an oversight,
We always get a second chance to make everything right.
There will always be another day to say " I love you!"
Surely there will be another chance to say " Anything I can do?"

But just in case I might be wrong and today is all I get,
I'd like to say how much I love you and I hope you never forget.
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone -- young or old alike!
Today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight.

So if you're waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret the day,
That you didn't take the extra time for a smile, a hug, or a kiss
and were too busy to grant someone what turned out to be their one last wish.

So always hold friends and loved ones dear.
Take time to say "I'm sorry." "Please forgive me?" "Thank you!" or "It's okay."
And if tomorrow never comes, you'll have no regrets about today.

source: unknown -- my paraphrased version of the original.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Love -- A Perspective

Once upon a time there was an island where all the feelings lived; happiness, sadness, knowledge, and all the others, including love.

One day it was announced to all of the feelings that the island was going to sink to the bottom of the ocean. So all the feelings prepared their boats to leave.

Love was the only one that stayed. She wanted to preserve the island paradise until the last possible moment.

When the island was almost totally under, love decided it was time to leave. She began looking for someone to ask for help. Just then Richness was passing by in a grand boat. Love asked, "Richness, Can I come with you on your boat?" Richness answered, " I'm sorry, but there is a lot of silver and gold on my boat and there would be no room for you anywhere."

Then Love decided to ask Vanity for help who was passing in a beautiful vessel. Love cried out, "Vanity, help me please."

"I can't help you", Vanity said, "You are all wet and will damage my beautiful boat."

Next, Love saw Sadness passing by. Love said, " Sadness, please let me go with you." Sadness answered, "Love, I'm sorry, but, I just need to be alone now."

Then, Love saw Happiness. Love cried out, " Happiness, please take me with you." But Happiness was so overjoyed that he didn't hear Love calling to him.

Love began to cry. Then, she heard a voice say, "Come Love, I will take you with me." It was an elder. Love felt so blessed and overjoyed that she forgot to ask the elder his name. When they arrived on land the elder went on his way. Love realized how much she owed the elder.

Love then found Knowledge and asked, "Who was it that helped me?"

"It was Time", Knowledge answered.

"But why did Time help me when no one else would?" Love asked.

Knowledge smiled and with deep wisdom and sincerity, answered, "Because only Time is capable of understanding how great Love is."

Source: "an anonymous internet friend"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Three Little Words -- 2nd Installment

I Thank You
Gratitude is an exquisite form of courtesy. People who enjoy the companionship of good, close friends are those who don't take daily courtesies for granted. They are quick to thank friends for their many expressions of kindness. On the other hand, people whose circle of friends is severely constricted often do not have the attitude of gratitude.

Count On Me
"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out." Loyalty is an essential ingredient for true friendship; it is the emotional glue that bonds people. Those who are rich in their relationships tend to be steady and true friends. When troubles come, a good friend is there, indicating, "you can count on me."

Let Me Help
The best of friends see a need and try to fill it. When they spot a hurt they do what they can to heal it. Without being asked, they pitch in and help.

I Understand You
People become closer and enjoy each other more if they feel the other person accepts and understands them. Letting others know in so many little ways that you understand him or her is one of the most powerful tools for healing your relationship.

Go For It
Some of your friends may be nonconformists, have unique projects and unusual hobbies. Support them in pursuing their interests. Rather than urging your loved ones to conform, encourage their uniqueness - everyone has dreams that no one else has.

I suppose the three little words that you were expecting to see have to be reserved for those who are special;

I Love You!

source: Blue Angel [] Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 7:53 PM

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Three Little Words -- 1st Installment

The Power of Three Little Words
Some of the most significant messages people deliver to one another often come in just three words. When spoken or conveyed, those statements have the power to forge new friendships, deepen old ones and restore relationships that have cooled. The following three word phrases can enrich every relationship:

"I'll Be There"
Being there for another person is the greatest gift we can give. When we are truly present for other people, important things happen to them and to us. We are renewed in love and friendship. We are restored emotionally and spiritually. "Being there" is at the very, very core of civility.

"I Miss You"
Perhaps more marriages could be salvaged and strengthened if couples simply and sincerely said to each other, "I miss you." This powerful affirmation tells partners they are wanted, needed, desired, and loved.

"I Respect You"
Respect is another way of showing love. Respect conveys the feeling that another person is a true equal. It is a powerful way to affirm the importance of a relationship.

"Maybe You're Right"
This phrase is highly effective in diffusing an argument and restoring frayed emotions. The flip side of "maybe you're right" is the humility of admitting "maybe I'm wrong."

"Please Forgive Me"
Many broken friendships/relationships could be restored and healed if people would admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness. All of us are vulnerable to faults, foibles and failures. A man should never be ashamed to own up to the possibility he has been in the wrong, which is by saying in other words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.

conitinued tomorrow:

source: Blue Angel []Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 7:53 PM

Monday, July 21, 2008

Psuedo Reitirement -- 2nd post

The beginning of my fourth week of retirement!
1st week -- Links Convention in Seattle;
2nd week -- Alaskan cruise;
3rd week -- true beginning of retirement.
Have you ever thought of what retirement is really going to be like and what you will really do? Obviously I have. Well, to paraphrase-- "I've met retirement and it is upon me!" I think the key with retirement is like anything else -- i.e. to have a plan and work the plan. Last week (Tuesday, July 15th) I wrote down some things in my personal journal that I'd like to accomplish. As I look back over the list, I've accomplished 4 of 10; started on another, sort of accomplished another, and clearly have four to go. Well, today I resume my quest.

I think the key to this retirement thing -- and to life -- is to have a plan and work the plan (I already said that , didn't I?). Today, I will sit down and update the list. Some of the things I have to do are mundane and really won't make the list even though they are things I need to do -- e.g. keep my appointment with the Cardiologist, refill some prescriptions, finalize registration and develop a workout schedule at Memorial Hospital's Health and Lifestyle clinic. Other things are short term and need to be dealt with -- i.e., clean up my study and get it ready as my daily work place, resolve the MS Office desktop problem with my desktop computer, etc. Others are more long term retirement issues -- e.g. setting priorities for the work I intend to do as part of this retirement thing.

Sharon Hurt asked me to contact her regarding some volunteer activities with the South Bend Community School Corporation. Since this may fit in with the 2nd of my volunteer objectives for retirement -- i.e., character development for inner city youth -- I will schedule contacting Sharon high on my priority of activities for this week.

I'll finish this entry for now and return at some future point. I want to stay in touch and keep my friends up to date on my activities; however, I don't want to be a pest. So I'm going to use this blog to stay in touch. Hopefully those friends and acquaintances who would like to stay in touch will either e-mail me at or respond by placing comments on this blog. Thank you for taking time to check me out. My wish is for God to continue to bless you and give you peace.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Psuedo Retirement -- 1st post

June 30, 2008 was my last day as the Executive Director of the Council On Aging for Elkhart County, Inc. On July 1st, my wife Margaret and I departed for the Links Convention in Seattle, Washington. This was my first time in Seattle. It appeared to be a very clean and beautiful city. Took a tour of the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field. Great tour!

On Sunday, July 6th, we departed for a seven day Alaska cruise. It was beautiful; however, in each Alaskan city (Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan) they said it was cooler and wetter than normal. It was an interesting cruise and the sights were great. I recommend it but I don't think we will do it again. It was just to cold, gloomy, and overcast for m!

We returned to South Bend at Midnight on Monday, July 14th!

I'm beginning to settle into reviving my firm (SIWEL) and getting my home office into an everyday work space. Doing a little bit every day! Haven't had a chance to play golf since retirement but there is always tomorrow.

Brian is in the Peace Corps serving in the "Kyrgyz Republic” also referred to as “Kyrgyzstan." He has a blog you may want to check out. It is

Well, it is late so I'm going to log off. Hopefully I will check back in more frequently and let you know how this Pseudo Retirement is going! :-)