Monday, July 21, 2008

Psuedo Reitirement -- 2nd post

The beginning of my fourth week of retirement!
1st week -- Links Convention in Seattle;
2nd week -- Alaskan cruise;
3rd week -- true beginning of retirement.
Have you ever thought of what retirement is really going to be like and what you will really do? Obviously I have. Well, to paraphrase-- "I've met retirement and it is upon me!" I think the key with retirement is like anything else -- i.e. to have a plan and work the plan. Last week (Tuesday, July 15th) I wrote down some things in my personal journal that I'd like to accomplish. As I look back over the list, I've accomplished 4 of 10; started on another, sort of accomplished another, and clearly have four to go. Well, today I resume my quest.

I think the key to this retirement thing -- and to life -- is to have a plan and work the plan (I already said that , didn't I?). Today, I will sit down and update the list. Some of the things I have to do are mundane and really won't make the list even though they are things I need to do -- e.g. keep my appointment with the Cardiologist, refill some prescriptions, finalize registration and develop a workout schedule at Memorial Hospital's Health and Lifestyle clinic. Other things are short term and need to be dealt with -- i.e., clean up my study and get it ready as my daily work place, resolve the MS Office desktop problem with my desktop computer, etc. Others are more long term retirement issues -- e.g. setting priorities for the work I intend to do as part of this retirement thing.

Sharon Hurt asked me to contact her regarding some volunteer activities with the South Bend Community School Corporation. Since this may fit in with the 2nd of my volunteer objectives for retirement -- i.e., character development for inner city youth -- I will schedule contacting Sharon high on my priority of activities for this week.

I'll finish this entry for now and return at some future point. I want to stay in touch and keep my friends up to date on my activities; however, I don't want to be a pest. So I'm going to use this blog to stay in touch. Hopefully those friends and acquaintances who would like to stay in touch will either e-mail me at or respond by placing comments on this blog. Thank you for taking time to check me out. My wish is for God to continue to bless you and give you peace.

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