Saturday, January 14, 2017

Keeping It Real

I posted two entries earlier today that I originally wrote some time ago. don't know why I didn't post them when I wrote them but at least they are posted now.

I like to talk and dialog with folks however there aren't a lot of folks to talk and dialog with. Sometimes I attempt to engage my wife in conversation but she is usually busy playing "Word With Friends," doing Facebook or engaged in something else. Sometimes I kind of go off on my own and then she does interact with me. Interesting isn't it.

My wife is at a luncheon today celebrating the founding of her sorority -- Delta Sigma Theta. She is one of the speakers. I know she will do a good job because she is a very conscientious person who doesn't take on things lightly. She is a dedicated and responsible person. She was recently elected to the Board of our local South Bend Duplicate Bridge Club and she was also elected Secretary of the Board. She is an excellent and conscientious Bridge player. She studies and tries to figure out what errors (if any) she made. Me on the other hand, I am just a kibitzer and player. I am a social card player. I'd like to win but winning isn't all that important to me. The interaction, laughing, joking, and playing are more important to me.

There was a time when I used to be very serious about things but not any more. I just kind of take it easy these days and calm my anxieties. Not exactly sure what I'm anxious about but I do seem to get nervous and preoccupied. I guess a lot of it has to do with failing health. I get frustrated at not being as healthy and capable as I used to be. Probably the most frustrating is dealing with failing eye sight. I can still see but just not as sharp as I used to see. Oh well, se la vie.

I don't wantta to get off on feeling sorry for myself so I'll probably end this post for now. Take care and have a good day.

Looking for input and suggestions!

     I think that if you are going to blog, you probably have to do it with some regularity otherwise you forget things and are not familiar with new things that are added. I've been trying to get to this point so that I could make this blog entry for the past half hour. The software keeps taking me to different places and I couldn't get here. Not exactly sure how I got here!
    Perhaps part of the problem is that I have two g-mail accounts. I don't want two accounts but an organization I belong to insisted that we have a separate e-mail account on g-mail. Perhaps, this 2nd g-mail account is messing with my ability to blog. Right now, I don't intend to eliminate the first e0=mail account. That is how I got here!
     I am 75 and retired. When I was younger and working, I interacted with people all of the time. When I first retired, I was real active with a lot of volunteer activities in the community. Now, my interactions are limited. See folks at church -- basically once a week. See people at fraternity meetings (once a month) and a civic/social organization which meets every quarter. This is not enough interaction for a guy like me who likes to socialize. On the other hand hanging out just to be hanging out does nit have a particular appeal to me.
     I used to do a lot of volunteer activities in the community but over the last few years, I've developed some health issues that tend to limit my mobility. Seem to spend a lot -- in fact, an inordinate -- of time just fooling around reading Facebook posts, tweets, and random stuff on the computer.  I should be searching blogs to see if there are some out there  that invite interaction. I tried to find some blogs but wasn't very good at it and kind of dismissed it. Perhaps I need to give it more time and develop some skillss and techniques to search the blogisphere for entries that might be interesting or amousing. If your reading this post and have any suggestions, please past them on to me.
     I probably also need to become more active. I used to play golf, swin, and walk. Don't do any of those things now. Not quite sure why. If anyone who reads this has any deas or suggestions, please past them along. Don't know That I will adopt any of your suggestions but it would be nice to have some suggestions to consider.


I grew up in Carlisle, PA. Our next door neighbor to the south was Mrs. Lena and Mr. George Frazier. Next door neighbor to the north was a girl about two years younger than me named Ginny. I don't know what happen to either of these neighbors. The Fraziers are probably long dead by now.
I can see the old neighborhood and many of the people and families that lived there but I don't know what happened to them. Perhaps that is because I joined the Air Force when I was 19 and never really moved back to the neighborhood. I moved back to Carlisle but not the neighborhood in 1969, ten years after I graduated from high school. Never really reestablished connections. Was there for two years but spent most of that time completing my bachelors degree at Penn State Harrisburg.