Friday, March 25, 2011

Jimmy Scott

Today my friend Jimmy Scott will be laid to rest. I need to get ready to go to the viewing and then the services. I used to spend time with Jimmy and his wife when my wife and family were in Alabama before they moved here to join me in South Bend. Usually it would be on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon after church. I wanted to find some appropriate story or poem to post in his honor today, but I couldn't find one in my files. I couldn't let this day go by unrecognized so that is why I'm writing this. This is for the memories of a great person who befriend a fellow who was and still is searching. Jimmy, I'll miss you my friend! I am sorry I didn't make time in recent years to stop by and see you. To spend some time with you like I used to. That is water over the damn now but someday, we will meet again in God's Kingdom and be able to reminisce about the time we shared and spent together. Rest my friend, rest.

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