Sunday, May 1, 2011

Alex Howard

On March 25th I went to the funeral of my friend Jimmy Scott. Six days later (March 31st), I delivered the eulogy for my friend Alex Howard. Today is a month later but the memory is fresh.
In many ways, they were alike -- i.e., loving husbands. In other ways, they were unique -- i.e., one predeceased his wife, the other didn't.
I'm always reminded when I deliver a eulogy that "The Lord givieth and the Lord takeith away -- Blessed be the name of the Lord." We live for a relatively short time on the face of this earth; however, the time we spend here is an accumulation of memories. My memories of Alex -- and his wife Helen -- are fond memories of friends and times gone by. Memories of love & affection.
Thank you Lord for all that you have done. For the experiences and the friends. The living and the dead! I thank God for all of the blessings he has placed in my life and for my friend--Alex Howard!

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