Sunday, December 2, 2007


The only way not to age is to give up your space. :-)
I don't know anyone who is interested in giving up their space!
I'm not! Are you?

Why would one contemplate such a fate?
Could be a lost of faith!
Maybe because it is inevitable?
You're not going to get out of this world alive!

Another reason to contemplate giving up your space might be Alzheimer's!
There was a Law & Order on today involving Alzheimer's.
Gee it was depressing!
It was depressing for a lot of reasons but depressing none the less.
Made me think about a lot of things that one loses as they age.
Perhaps that is why I work trying to make things better for older adults.
Living with arthritis, being an empty nester, not being as active as I used to be:
These are all constant reminders of aging.

On the other hand, there are some positives to aging -- I think!
Retirement -- don't know, not there yet
Grandchildren -- don't know, don't have any!
Travel -- been there, done that -- it's okay, but expensive!
However, I could get used to traveling -- I think!
My wife and I went on a seven day cruise last summer --
read seven books in seven days!
Great way to relax.
Reading was peaceful and restful!

As I read and edit this entry, it is obvious I don't have anything to say!
Bears and the Giants are on the tube but I'm not really paying attention.
I just got tired of the Law & Order reruns.

Hey! How about local news?
That's an option!
Would you believe it?
They're at commercial!

Well, since I really didn't have anything to say.
Guess I'll log off for now.

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