Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dialysis end wk 1

Determining how you count things, this was the end of week one on peritoneal dialysis. With the new cycler, everything went well. Margaret said she was woken up a couple of times earlier in the week but I didn't notice a thing. AND since I am the dialysiser rather than the dialysisee, I guess we have to go with "the sick and not shut in" version rather than the care-taker version. I must admit, Margaret is doing an excellent and wonderful job. She said the cycler alarm went off a couple of times earlier in the week but I never noticed. Slept right on through the alarms like a champ. Makes me wonder how people who are doing it on their own with no caretaker make out! Truthfully, Margaret has been a champ. She is right on top of this stuff.

One of the things the doctor said was is that I'd feel better after I've been on it for a  while. Perhaps it is too soon to tell but I don't feel as good as I was anticipating I would feel. I admit that I am not as groggy and sleepy as I was but I'm also not feeling like a young spring chicken wanting to run around and get into everything. Maybe being 75 years old has something to do with that! You think? Don't get me wrong, I am pleased with how I feel but I am not "up and at em" like I thought I would be. To be honest, I am a little apprehensive because I'm not feeling all bright and bushy tailed. I guess you just can't please some people. On the other hand and with a more serious frame of mind, I need to keep in mind that this has only been one week. I seem to sleep longer -- i.e., I sleep about 9 hours a night rather than the six to seven hours that I was sleeping. I've also noticed that I fall asleep in the easy chair after dinner before I get up and go to bed.

Talking about not feeling as tired, sat right here and fell asleep at my desk. I'll try to keep better track of my napping for my next entry.

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