Sunday, August 14, 2016


I've written three blog entries abut the dialysis process. I'm still learning so I didn't save the entries when they were written ..... wait, that is not correct. I did save them but I didn't publish them. At least I think that is what happened because I saw them in a listing but they were listed as drafts. I've been piddling around and now they are all saved. Oh well, se la vie!

 I like to talk but I don't want to bore anyone or appear self absorbed. Of course, I could write this stuff in Facebook but I think the entries are too long for Facebook or too large for Facebook. So in order to satisfy my craving for talking and interacting with folks, I am going to try and satisfy my desire for communicating by writing and maintaining a blog. The idea is that if they are entries in a blog, it is easier for you to either read them or dismiss them. It is up to you. Hopefully this won't seem like bagging and at the same time it will allow me an opportunity to get things off my chest. I guess I am really being self-indulgent.

Rather than focus on the dialysis process in this entry, I want to take a moment and share a frustration and/or /observation. I've been relatively healthy all my life but now old father time is creeping up on me. Here is what I mean, in 1949 when I was nine, I had an appendectomy. Ten years later in 1959 I had a compound fracture of the left ankle which ended my football career. I had big dreams -- was 2nd team AP All-State linebacker as a junior in high school. Any way, the next serious illness was in 2008 when I experienced a tenosovectomy (or something like that) in my right hand. Now, I have anemia, kidney disease, gout, arthritis, diabetes, plus cramps, aches, and pains through out my body.

I'm not complaining mind you, I am just observing. Heck, a lot of my childhood friends are no longer on this side of the grass. And some of them died several years ago -- e.g. like 20 or 30. I wonder sometimes how God decides when it is your time. I happen to strongly believe in God so life to me is not a chance or hit and miss matter. I believe we -- each and every one of us -- are born with a specific purpose in mind. That purpose may be manifested over several acts and events or it my be the life we live, or it may be a series of events and things. I don't have the answer but I believe our individual lives are more than happen stance. Obviously, my beliefs are fixed and shaped by my experiences. I pray every night and often through the day for guidance, patience and understanding. I think if more people believed in Jesus Christ and prayed to Him, we would be in a kinder, gentler, and safer environment. On the other hand, I guess you would have to have been introduced to Jesus in order to believe Him or in Him.

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