Sunday, August 14, 2016

Good News

DaVita delivered a new Cycler on Friday, August 12th. It has worked like a charm. Sure hope this post doesn't jinx it. To my knowledge, I've slept through the night with no problems. Margaret said it went off both nights but I didn't hear it. The rest has been very comfortable as well. When I woke on Saturday morning, it was finishing up the drain on the fifth cycle. There was a little tugging but not very painful. This morning, I was awake when it finished the fifth drain and I didn't feel a thing. I sure hope things continue as they are.

Things are going well. Feel a little groggy but no pain. That is a blessing.

Change of subject -- I need to get better at working this blog. Used to know a lot more then I do now. It is probably because I haven't fooled with it much over the last couple of years. It is a little difficult to find the instructions. The word skills are not difficult at all -- I mean we are basically talking about Microsoft Word. The saving and publishing of the blog is the issue. I think I've lost a couple of entries but can't be sure. I basically create these blog entries by trial and error. If you have any suggestions on how to become more adept with this software, please feel free to share.

I like blogging because I can get things off my mind and I don't feel like I am particularly bothering anyone. If you want to read it, you can. If you don't want to read it, you just skip by it. I like to talk and share things with people. It seems like a blog is a great way to do that.

Well, I've basically shared what I had on my mind for today. I will sign off for today and go explore the blogisphere to see what I can. Peace and Love!  Bob  (written 8/14/2016)

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